Does Your Weight Fluctuate?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. Weight loss takes time, no need to simply slash calories at the sign of stalled progress. Stay consistent. Watch the trend, as long as weight is trending downwards ever so slightly, you’re on the right path. If or when it stays the same or goes up for 2 week or more, now … Continued

9 Reasons Your Weight Fluctuates

Don’t panic when the scale bounces around. That’s just what it does. Here are 9 reasons why it happens: Time of the month (hormones) Timing of your last meal Time of weighing Your hydration level Your sodium intake Your carb intake Your alcohol intake Exercise Timing of last bowel movement Daily weighing provides MORE data … Continued

Does Your Weight Fluctuate?

Your weight will fluctuate! Here are a few reasons why: -Your carb intake -Your sodium intake -Your exercise -Your hydration -The time of the month -Your alcohol intake -Time of weighing -Time of last meal -Time of last poop Try not to sweat it! Use your weight as DATA to learn about & trust your … Continued

Reasons Your Weight Fluctuates Daily

Your weight will fluctuate. Try not to sweat it. Use your weight as DATA to learn about & trust your body. There’s always a scientific reason for the fluctuations because weight loss & gain aren’t magical. If you need support, happy to hold your hand. Reach out: