Menopause Weight Loss Expectations

I understand your frustration… Weight loss is slow! Losing .5-1lb a week is brilliant progress, but this doesn’t sound like a fast enough rate given the ‘quick fixes’ that are being sold. Don’t fall for ‘quick’ where weight loss is concerned. You can’t speed up a process that’s meant to be slow. You probably gained … Continued

Weight Loss is Like Baking a Cake…

You just can’t speed up a process meant to be slow. I’ve never really baked a cake, but if I did, I know that you can’t bake it faster than the recipe tells you to. It’s the same as weight loss. Happy to help provide direction & encourage patience along the way:

Menopause Weight Loss Reality

Frustrated with slow weight loss? Weight loss IS possible, it just takes consistency. Like ’25 days of the month in a calorie deficit’ consistency. Ideal fat loss is 1/2-1 pound weight loss per week. Be patient. You’ve got this. Happy to help! Start here.