Bad Timing for a Health Change?

Waiting for the right time to get healthy? I get it. 🎓It’s your sons grad. 🏖It’s your family holiday. 🕊Your best friend passed away. 🔨You’re renovating. 👵🏻👴🏻You’re taking care of elderly parents. 🍼👶🏻You’ve got a new grand baby. 👣You broke your ankle. ⏰Look, I know that life is busy and time is short. But guess … Continued

#1 Excuse to Avoid Change

    I’m not ready…change is not convenient, I have no idea how it will work out….maybe tomorrow…   Our old self always wants to DELAY when part of us wants to shake things up.   Don’t fall for it.   Guess what? You’ll never feel entirely ready to make a change.   Do what … Continued