#1 Excuse to Avoid Change

I’m not ready…change is not convenient, I have no idea how it will work out….maybe tomorrow…
Our old self always wants to DELAY when part of us wants to shake things up.
Don’t fall for it.
Guess what? You’ll never feel entirely ready to make a change.
Do what you can with what you have where you are NOW.
Make a change – you’d be surprise at how one small change at a time makes a BIG difference.
Did you know that when a cruise ship wants to change course, it takes 7 MILES for the change to be noticed once the captain steers the ship? He or she makes a small course correction that results in going in an entirely different direction.
You don’t have to change EVERYTHING at once. Small lifestyle changes go a LONG way over time.
And remember…
Time and your health are non-refundable – please don’t waste them.
LISTEN to that small part of you that’s ready to make a move to improve your health…I’m here for you.
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