Exercise or Nutrition to Lose Your Menopause Belly

Which is more important? If you could only do ONE thing, start with nutrition. It has the greatest impact on health & weight loss. Notice I didn’t say DIET? Make healthy swaps to include more protein & whole unprocessed foods. Create a SLIGHT calorie deficit OR simply increase your step count to increase energy expenditure … Continued

Tried Everything to Lose Weight?

I hear this all the time. Many women 40+ feel frustrated & at the end of their ropes trying so many weight loss plans unsuccessfully. I never thought my age would be my greatest asset in helping women, but it sure is since I’ve ‘been there & currently doing that’ where maintaining a healthy weight … Continued

Can’t Lose Weight? Common Reasons

🤦‍♀️Can’t lose weight?… 💡Here are 3 common scenarios & possible reasons… . 🗣”I’m eating the same but gaining weight”… . ✔️You may be eating a ‘bit’ more due stress, lack of sleep, new schedule etc… ✔️You may have a decrease in NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis)… ✔️If tracking, you may be under-estimating intake or experiencing a … Continued

Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

❌Reasons you’re not losing weight❌ 🙄Are you discouraged with slow or NO weight loss?… . It could be due to… . 🔹Chronic dieting ➡️reduced metabolic rate… . 🔹Yo-yo dieting ➡️ lower metabolism… 😱start eating again➡️ gain weight on less calories… . 🔹Incorrect macros – the wrong quantities/quality food, too many carbs and fats and low … Continued