How Much Protein Do You Need?

Want easier time managing your menopausal symptoms? The pass the protein please! Protein supports lean muscle and lean muscle fuels your metabolic fire. With lean muscle, you will: -have more functional strength -be less prone to injury -gain your calorie burning ability (because muscle is metabolically active) If you want to remain lean & strong, … Continued

Need Protein Ideas?

Protein is the SUPER HERO of fat loss. It keeps you feeling fuller longer, supports workout recovery and helps build lean muscle tissue. Here are 24 ways to get 25g of protein in daily:  

Why Menopausal Women Need More Protein

Are you getting enough? Protein is the magic bullet to aging well & helping with weight loss & weight maintenance. Protein helps to preserve lean muscle & lean muscle is the fountain of youth. Without lean muscle, you will: -lose functional strength -be more prone to injury -lose your calorie burning ability (because muscle is … Continued

The Answer to a Flat Belly

I’m doing the ‘This is Fitness’ Challenge over here: I’d love it if you joined me daily. This topic is SO important tho, I wanted to include it here… 🍴Fuel for your body… ➡️Protein is the ‘missing’ macro for most women Benefits: ✳️Repairs/rebuilds lean muscle tissue ✳️Moderates blood sugar for better insulin management ✳️Maintains energy … Continued

Protein: Why? How Much? When? What?

Protein is the macro-nutrient that women tend to eat in the smallest quantity. After reading this, my hope is that you’ll double down on your intake and here’s why…. First of all, what does protein do? Why do you need to eat it at all? Let’s break it down… ❓Why do I need protein? • … Continued