Best Way to Start (Your Workout)

Getting started can be the hardest part. Once you’re warm, you can do anything you put your mind too! Let me help you get moving with a full body warm up. I’ve got a full length follow along instructional video to send your way (no strings attached). If you’re super busy & only do the … Continued

Start Small

Start small -Add more steps to your day -Drink more water -Increase your protein intake -Get more sleep -Say ‘no’ more often Pick ONE. Then add to it… Don’t do too much too soon. When you’re willing to take baby steps, you end up further along than you could’ve imagined. What small step are you … Continued

Choose YOUR Change – Just Start!

Time to be honest… I’ve been sharing a little more about my personal programming. In the past, I’ve been a little nervous to share what I do in terms of workouts/nutrition because I didn’t want to scare anyone off. I do lots of body weight training and ‘versions’ of exercises in my best follow along … Continued

Simple Fat Loss Strategy

Are you at your wits end where your health is concerned? I know that many get discouraged by setbacks in your health journey. Illness strikes, bad weather hits, house renovations disrupt your life, the gym closes, the basement floods, company arrives and never leaves…on and on… There’s no shortage of things that can get in … Continued

How to Make ‘Someday’ Happen Today

Are there things that you’d like to do but they just never happen? Or maybe you’re so busy with ‘life’ that you continue like a hamster on a wheel just working, sleeping, eating, back to work, back to bed, more eating…on and on. Maybe you can relate? You see, time marches on and if you … Continued