Choose YOUR Change – Just Start!

Time to be honest…

I’ve been sharing a little more about my personal programming.

In the past, I’ve been a little nervous to share what I do in terms of workouts/nutrition because I didn’t want to scare anyone off.

I do lots of body weight training and ‘versions’ of exercises in my best follow along videos. They are advanced versions such as instead of a push up, I might do a handstand push up.

I also do load bearing exercise and I lift a lot of weight in comparison to my body weight.

*Women can get results with both bodyweight and load bearing resistance training when done properly.

I’ve been at my fitness/health game for a long time tho so my workouts are obviously going to be different than from someone who’s taken a break from fitness or is just getting started.

My point is that…

I want to inspire you to action.

I want you to GET STARTED at doing SOMETHING to take care of your body.

Exercise of some sort is a MUST.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now, my hope is that you’ll be inspired to take my CHOOSE YOUR CHANGE CHALLENGE.


It can be as simple as walking before bedtime, filling your water bottle up 5x during the day, adding 3 quick workouts per week.

Make your change SPECIFIC so you know if you’ve reached your goal.

Write your challenge down, tell a friend, tell me!

What can YOU do today to up your health game?

You know that time/health are non-refundable.

Today is a brand new baby day and it can be the START of a NEW YOU, one baby step at a time when you decide to make a change.

I’d love to help you along the way.

Reach out to me by filling in this questionnaire and we’ll see if you qualify to work with me.