5 Fitness Mistakes to Avoid

Are you discouraged with little or no progress where your health and fitness are concerned?   Here are 5 mistakes to avoid…   1. Don’t do too much too soon – start slowly to avoid overwhelm, discouragement and the temptation to quit.   2. Don’t ‘just’ rely on the scale to determine progress. Look at … Continued

EP 22 Why You Can’t Lose Weight with Tony Stephan

Shawna K
Shawna K
EP 22 Why You Can't Lose Weight with Tony Stephan

So many women are frustrated with their inability to lose weight. Is this you? Maybe you’ve tried every diet in the book? What’s going on? Why is it that what used to work isn’t working now? Tune in with diet guru Tony Stephan as we deep dive into these questions and more! PS. If you … Continued

Stay the Course (how to beat a fat loss plateau)

  Working hard on your fat loss only to struggle with a plateau that seems never ending? Frustrating much? This is a tough one because we’re all conditioned to want instant results. “I’ve been good today/this week/this month we cry – why aren’t I seeing results!”. And off you go to comfort yourself with a … Continued