What to Do When You Fail…

It’s only failure when you quit trying. Whatever it is that’s challenging you, don’t give up. You got this! Whatever it is, remember that we ALL fall down. It’s those that get back up sooner that experience long term success. Happy to help, let’s talk: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna

High Achievers Secret to Success

Ready, shoot, aim! You don’t have to know all the answers or have every step dialed in before taking action towards any goal. 😱Do it scared. 👣You’ll never get anywhere standing still, so take a step in the direction of your goal. 💫As you do so, the next step will be revealed. 🤓And the good … Continued

Failure – The Best Teacher

🥳Celebrate your failures. And then forget them! Amnesia serves us better than guilt. Guilt is a wasted emotion unless it’s used to course correct. 🧁🍕Blew your nutrition this weekend? 💪🏻Skipped your workout? 👎🏻Lost your temper with someone? Beating ourselves up, staying stuck in the past, paralyzed to move on…these result from focusing on the FAILURE … Continued