Failure – The Best Teacher

🥳Celebrate your failures. And then forget them!

Amnesia serves us better than guilt. Guilt is a wasted emotion unless it’s used to course correct.

🧁🍕Blew your nutrition this weekend?
💪🏻Skipped your workout?
👎🏻Lost your temper with someone?

Beating ourselves up, staying stuck in the past, paralyzed to move on…these result from focusing on the FAILURE instead of the lesson. Instead, use the failure to move ahead. Fail forward by learning from the mistake & course correcting.

🥳So here’s to…
     🙄Diet amnesia…
     🙄Workout amnesia…
     🙄Relationship amnesia…
     🙄Emotional amnesia..
     🙄Financial amnesia…
     🙄Business amnesia…

Time spent overthinking mistakes, feeling guilty & frustrated is time wasted.

We all make mistakes.

💡If we’re not failing, we’re not trying hard enough.

🙋‍♀️I have a strong willingness to fail because that’s where I’ve learned the MOST.

🤔Just learn the lesson & move on.

🤦‍♀️A personal valuable failure? (or better stated: ‘feedback’).

🚗🚓Two speeding tix on the same trip to the airport & leaving my wallet at home have taught me to dial in my pre-flight timing & organization🛫.

Care to share a blunder?

Fail on! 👊🏻💥

PS. If you’re sick of repeating the same mistakes where your health is concerned and you don’t know how to ‘fail forward’, I’m here to help. Start with this questionnaire.