Menopause Blues?

Hormonal changes in menopause can cause mood fluctuations. Consider your moods a little like the weather. Some days are sunnier than others. When clouds (wind, rain, hail, snow!) come, just let them pass without too much despair. Remember that blue sky & sunshine will return again. In the meantime, these things may help improve your … Continued

How NOT To Be Depressed & Miserable

STOP doing some of these things & over time you’ll feel MUCH better.   You’ll: Be more fit Lose weight Have more energy Be more interesting Feel more rested Have more confidence Be more passionate about life Changing habits takes time, support & strategies to replace old behaviours with new ones. Lemme help, let’s talk: … Continued

Are You S.A.D.? Two Solutions for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Most people lament the end of summer time to a certain extent,  but about 2% of people suffer from S.A.D. or ‘seasonal affective disorder’. This is a kind of depression that worsens with limited exposure to daylight in late fall and winter and disappears when spring begins. As it turns out, we are biological creatures. … Continued