EP 1 – The Choose One Change Challenge

Shawna K
Shawna K
EP 1 - The Choose One Change Challenge

No one likes change and a challenge sounds intimidating. Welcome to my very first podcast called the ‘Choose One Change Challenge’. Stick with me and I’m going to entice you to make a tiny change that could lead to life changing results… …Results like my super star client, who lost 50 lbs by starting with … Continued

Winning the Long Term Nutrition Game with Intentional Eating

Just one. That’s what you tell yourself… We all know what that’s like. You tell yourself it’s just one treat. It’s just a half glass of wine, it’s just one chip. And you’re correct. It’s just one. But it’s just one thing, day after day. Look, it’s actually the SMALL things that derail your health. … Continued