Don’t Get Fat by Making the Mistake That I Did!

Learn from my mistakes! I cut carbs in an effort to get leaner and it actually backfired and I got fatter. The good news is that you can eat carbs and still get leaner when you do it right. My strong suggestion is to start to track your food using the free app: MyFitnessPal. There … Continued

How Do We Get Fat?

💥Ever wonder how we get fat? There may be a multitude of reasons why the process happens… BUT, there’s actually a simple metabolic process that causes us to store fat that’s pretty much the same for everyone [stick with me]. 1️⃣High blood glucose elicits the release of the hormone insulin. 2️⃣This speeds the uptake of … Continued

Are Carbs the Devil?

Are carbs the devil? 😈 Will carbs increase belly fat? When can I eat carbs? How many carbs? What kind of carbs? Coach Perri and I give you the low down… It’s important to know WHAT carbs to eat, WHEN to eat them, what to COMBINE them with and HOW many carbs you can eat … Continued