EP 9 – Born Gifted with Nisan Trotter

Shawna K
Shawna K
EP 9 - Born Gifted with Nisan Trotter

Did you know that EVERYONE is gifted? Yes, that means you too! My good friend and soon to be best selling author of the book, ‘Born Gifted’ shares his journey to discovering his own gift. He’s known as the ‘Fitness Preacher’ but started out in the world of finance. Had he not been FIRED from … Continued

Born Gifted with Nisan Trotter

I had the good fortune to interview a long standing friend, Nisan Trotter. Nisan tells about how getting fired helped him find and develop his own unique gift and how he helps others find their gifting. He’s a powerful speaker and all around amazing man. So far, this interview has been my favorite of all … Continued