Alcohol and Fat Loss

I’m NOT saying you must avoid alcohol if you want to lose weight. What I am saying is that alcohol may inhibit weight loss… So you can make a choice based on knowledge rather than blindly following ‘rules’. If you deem any food ‘off limits’ it becomes all the more enticing & you’re more likely … Continued

Can I Drink Wine and Still Lose Weight?

🍻🍷Cheers!🍸🍹🍾 . 🌸Life is all about BALANCE!… . 👙I’m all about flexible dieting so if having an alcoholic beverage is important to you, there’s a way to fit alcohol into your plan without sabotaging your fat loss results… . 🤔Keep in mind that alcohol has 7 calories per gram (carbs have 4 cals/gram, protein has … Continued