Leg Strength for Beginners

We’ve had quite a few questions lately about strengthening legs for beginners.  Several readers have explained that they’re carrying extra weight and are really feeling it in their knees when they squat or try to lunge. One of our readers, Paris, asked how she could strengthen her legs when she just feels wobbly and a … Continued

Taming the Chocolate Beast

What’s the right way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny?   Start at the ears of course! Easter is almost upon us.  Hot cross buns and chocolate eggs.  And by the end of the weekend, quite likely a couple of extra pounds on the scale. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  A little planning … Continued

51 Ways to Find the Fun in your Fitness

  Need some ideas to spark up your exercise and fitness?  Have fun while you train and it’ll never feel like work! 1.  Train with your girlfriends – go for a run and have breakfast afterwards and tell everyone you’re one of the ladies that “runch” (brunch is so five minutes ago!) 2. Take the … Continued

Wrist Pain Solutions

Do you have wrist pain when exercising? Lea recently commented on the Female Fat Loss Over 40 Facebook fan page saying how much she enjoyed Shawna’s workout videos for Female Fat Loss over 40 but shared how frustrated she felt with exercises like burpees and mountain climbers because her wrists were not strong enough to … Continued