The Scale: Friend or Foe in Menopause?

Want to avoid disappointment when you get on the bathroom scale?

BEFORE getting on it, make a mental note of a few of the NON-SCALE VICTORIES you’re seeing from your healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’re feeling stronger or your clothes are fitting better, maybe you’re sleeping more soundly.

When if you get on the scale and you don’t like the number, often times all these benefits are forgotten.

The number on the scale is going to fluctuate (read this post to understand why), so it’s best to neutralize the number and only use your weight as data.

When you weigh yourself more regularly, you can connect the dots between your behaviors and results.

If you’re struggling with your weight, especially in menopause, your best strategy to feel better is to educate yourself about the changes your body is going through and how it relates to the weight gain.

This is what my Nutrition Academy is all about. You’ll find a video library with short videos providing ACTIONABLE steps to help you lose the menopausal weight and keep it off. I even provide a personal nutrition plan.

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