Sugar? A Sneaky 5 Letter Word…

Can you really do challenge workouts with dead weight hanging on you? Have you considered SUGAR as a culprit? Could sugar be…. A five letter word for ‘why am I so fat?’ A five letter word for ‘why don’t I have any energy?’ A five letter word for ‘I seem to get sick all the … Continued

21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Success

Are you skinny-fat? That is, are you a reasonable weight but when you take your clothes off you’re soft and squishy like the marshmallow man? Meet my client Sara. This is exactly how she’d describe herself. Here’s what she had to say: Now, I am fully aware that I am not a “fat” person. I … Continued

Fashion Flash

I’ve teamed up with some amazing women that have great tips regarding everything from health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle! Check out their fabulous blogs here: Are you happy? Staness, creator of The Menopause Makeover, has tips on how to exercise happiness. Want to get in shape but need some support? Fitness expert, Shawna K, (that’s … Continued