My Preventive Skin Cancer Treatment Experience

Photodynamic therapy is a preventive treatment that kills precancerous cells. I had melanoma cells removed from my face & chest. This was my third round of photodynamic therapy, my reaction this time was very mild. The skin sun damage was done before sunscreen was really ‘a thing’. But we know better now. I apply sunscreen … Continued

My Skin Cancer Update

The ‘C’ word is scary & humbling. It reminded me of my mortality & that our time is non-refundable. Thankfully my experience with cancer is of the skin cancer variety. I had biopsies & then his Photodynamic Red Light Therapy to kill dormant melanoma cells. So far so good! Skin cancer is very treatable, but … Continued

Skin Cancer – A Cautionary Tale

I’m sharing my skin cancer experience to create awareness & encourage you to take care of your skin. Skin cancer is no joke… But it’s very treatable, so please make sure to get any unusual moles or markings checked. My face is like a fiery mosquito bite. But will hopefully it’ll be cancer free after … Continued