Do I Look Fat in This?

Are you choosing clothes from the fat side of the closet? Do you dress in the dark? If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, it’s not too late to do something about it. I had the good fortune to try on all kinds of sweet lil dresses at a local boutique and it reminded … Continued

Self Image and Your Health Goals

How do you see yourself?   Self image is key to health. If you see yourself as fit and healthy, you’re more likely to be that way and maintain that state.   If you’ve constantly been a yo-yo dieter, or have enjoyed good health and then fall off the wagon for months (years) at a … Continued

Two Game Changing Words to Guarantee Fat Loss

Two game changing words that will help you accomplish ANYTHING 👊🏻… Even though we’ve all experienced failure in certain areas of our lives in the past, it doesn’t mean that we have to continue to live the same story. By changing our self talk and mind set, we can change how things will be in … Continued