Set Achievable Weight Loss Goals – Even in Menopause

The sad reality is that 92% of all fitness resolutions fail…. Want to be part of the 8% that succeed? Read on… Let’s break down why you may fail at your resolutions in the first place and 5 steps to setting better resolutions… Your resolutions fail because you’re setting the bar too high. Set smaller … Continued

Tips for Finding Love After 40?

Are you a card carrying member of the lonely hearts club? I was too. Here’s how I found love after 40 (actually after 50)… I didn’t ‘date’ for 10 years after my divorce, I wasn’t interested in online dating and I wanted time to be the best version of myself. This probably didn’t need to … Continued

Hip Replacement #2

Hip replacement number 2 is in the books! Once I decided to do this surgery, I also decided to enjoy the process. For a total joint replacement, it’s relatively quick & painless. It was a tough decision to get it done preemptively before hip pain became severe, but I know it was the right thing … Continued

Frustrating Weight Fluctuations?

Your weight is going to fluctuate, in menopause and otherwise. But don’t give up on daily weighing! It will help you connect the dots between your behaviors and results. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain (or gain weight), weight fluctuations are NORMAL in menopause or any time. Instead, just use your weight as data, … Continued

Reinvent Yourself – My Story

It’s never too late! Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. I did! After a 20 year teaching career, I opened a fitness business in my 40s. I added digital fitness programming in my late 40s. I moved exclusively to online health, nutrition and fitness coaching in my 50s. Follow your passion! And if I can … Continued

Should You Count Calories to Lose Weight?

Should you count calories? In a study of 1700 participants, those that did some form of food tracking lost TWICE the weight. So before you totally dismiss food tracking, think again, because you don’t necessarily need to count calories. You may consider tracking protein and fiber because these are things that will keep you … Continued

3 Tips to Be an Extraordinary Cook!

Cooking has never been my best subject so… I’ve found some ‘work-arounds’ to appear like a genius in the kitchen. Feel free to steal my strategies to up YOUR cooking game! Bad cooks: any other tips?

Short Girl Trick for Hemming Pants

I hate hemming pants, who’s with me? Here’s an easy way to create a fun, scalloped edge without sewing. 1. Find the desired length. 2. Trace a coin to create a scalloped edge. 3. Pin legs together. 4. Cut on the scalloped edge. 5. Remove pins. Ta-da! You’re done. The edge frays nicely over time. … Continued

Mountains or Beach?

Mountains or the beach? If you had to choose, what would it be? How about both? Because if you have a choice of two things and can’t decide, take both. [Gregory Corso] These mountains never get old. So grateful to be able to get out an enjoy the mountains with this guy, the beach is … Continued