What is Your Focus in Menopause? Loss or Gain?

Do you focus on LOSING weight or GAINING: health muscle strength & function bone density Ask yourself: Am I overweight? Or UNDER muscled? In addition to strength and function, muscle is also associated with: increased longevity reduction in metabolic disease improved sensitivity more effective weight management improved cognitive function So consider shifting your focus to … Continued

Don’t Do THIS in Menopause

STOP working out…at least temporarily if you’re in a stressful season… Gruelling workouts may be making matters worse. Instead of further taxing your ‘fight or flight (sympathetic) nervous system which will dump more cortisol into your system. Consider doing an activity that will activate your rest & digest (para-sympathetic) nervous system to calm your body … Continued

The Truth About Weight Loss in Menopause

‘Weight loss’ can occur but at the cost of lean muscle. Does your scale says you’ve lost lean muscle? Firstly, are you measuring your weight & body fat daily under similar circumstances? If so, then ask yourself: Am I resistance training? Are my calories too low? Am I including enough protein in my diet? These … Continued

Another Reason to Strength Train in Menopause

Need another reason to resistance train in menopause? When you exercise, your muscles contract making them more able to take up glucose from the blood stream. This increases your body’s ability to use insulin effectively. Why is this important? Insulin controls the level of sugar (glucose) in your blood. Problems arise when your body can’t … Continued

2nd Hip Replacement Update

No regrets! 4 months post op for my 2nd hip replacement & I couldn’t be happier with my progress. While I’m not entirely back to full loads, I’m moving pain free & making progress. As a 60 year old, I’m learning to manage expectations & be kind to myself in finding a ‘new normal’. With … Continued

Menopause & Metabolism

Want to start a fight? Tell a menopausal woman that her metabolism hasn’t changed. Fact is, the 2021 Herman Pontzer study showed that metabolism doesn’t change until age 60. Pontzer, Herman, et al. “Daily energy expenditure through the human life course.” Science 373.6556 (2021): 808-812. But, it’s undeniable that many women experience weight gain & increased belly … Continued

Weight Out of Control? Do THIS

Gaining weight? Hard truth: You’re probably eating more than you think. You may never know unless you pay attention to what you’re eating. Start by food logging – the happy coincidence of this is that food quality will likely naturally improve. Increase protein to 1g per pound of desired body weight & fiber to 25g … Continued

Menopausal Women: Who Should You Listen To?

You wouldn’t go to a hair stylist with bad hair or a dentist with bad teeth. So be careful with whom you engage with online. Find someone that walks the walk and implements what they preach. I’m in the trenches with you, I’m winning & I can help you successfully manage the challenges of menopause … Continued

Mini Meno-PAUSE Challenge Zoom REPLAY

If you were unable to attend our LIVE session, you’re in luck. Here’s a replay of the presentation. *I never record the QnA out of courtesy to those on the call. If you have any questions, feel free to ask & I’m happy to assist! If you’d like more support, I’m here for you. Join … Continued