Collagen in Menopause: Trend or Truth?

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Trend or truth? Should you use collagen?

There’s no magic bullet for anti-aging or weight loss…

But adding a collagen supplement can be beneficial according to this study: …

Long term (3 months plus) use of 15g daily taken 1 hour prior to exercise can improve muscle recovery, joint pain and functionality…

Collagen is not a complete protein, it’s missing tryptophan, one of the 9 essential amino acids.

You can simply supplement with tryptophan or eat tryptophan rich foods to make it a complete protein:
* Cheese.
* Chicken.
* Egg whites.
* Fish.
* Milk.
* Sunflower seeds.
* Peanuts.
* Pumpkin seeds.

Benefits of collagen include:
* Improved skin hydration and elasticity
* Thicker hair
* Healthier nails
* Reduced osteoarthritis pain
* Increased muscle tone

A whey protein powder is more beneficial for muscle recovery AFTER your workout, but you can add a collagen supplement BEFORE to reap these benefits.

Keep in mind that collagen is a supplement, not a meal replacement.

I felt it helped my recovery from both hip replacements.

Prioritize a well balanced whole food diet first, then add it, if you fits it in your budget at all.

I’m not a fan of multi level marketing brands, I buy mine from Costco or Amazon.

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