How to Plan for the Weekend to Support Your Health Goals

With a little forethought, weekends don’t have to be your undoing.

Let the week days do the ‘heavy lifting’ to push your weight loss or health goals.

Let the weekends be a time for CONTROLLED fun.

Make a PLAN to:

  • See your family & friends
  • Do enjoyable activities
  • Eat your maintenance calories including ‘fun foods’ in moderation
  • Get a workout in if you can
  • Get lots of sleep

Then return to your regular schedule on Monday.

A SMALL break from routine helps you stay the healthy course long term.

But notice I said SMALL?

If you want to make progress, weekends can’t be a free-for-all and a little planning goes a LONG way.

Want some accountability towards your goals? That’s when the real magic happens.

Let’s talk about what that looks like, set up a time here: