Sneaky Protein Idea

If there ever were a magic bullet for maintaining or improving body composition, it’s protein.

But, it can be challenging to find tasty, interesting ways to incorporate it into your day.

Protein isn’t the ‘fun’ food, you’re not likely going to throw a chicken breast in your purse. It’s not easy to transport without refrigeration or usually needs utensils to consume.

However, if you can tolerate dairy, I’ve found a brilliant option that I use regularly at many of my meals and snacks.

It’s still not a ‘fun food’ that you can put in your purse, but it’ll help you rack up the protein grams during the day.

Pressed cottage cheese offers 5g of protein per 25g serving (and it’s only 25 calories).

You can easily add a small cube to a variety of dishes and it won’t change the flavor or consistency of the dish. I’ve added it to eggs, sandwiches, salads, yogurt & fruit, bowls, chili, where ever I can.

Keep in mind that adding 5g of protein here and there through out the day adds up especially when you’re aiming for 100+ grams of protein daily.

Need more ideas? Here’s a graphic to help:

As well, fun protein ideas is almost always a topic of discussion in my group nutrition coaching group.

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