Menopausal Women’s Exercise Prescription

Want to increase your health span?

No one wants to live LONGER unless you have QUALITY of life, right?

According to Dr. Peter Attia’s book, ‘Outlive’, here’s (my interpretation of) how you need to exercise TODAY to invest in your future self…

Strength train min 2x week.

Zone 2 cardio 3x week – min 20 min at 65-75% max heart rate. This means you can pass the ‘talk test’ – you can talk but it’s with effort.

Zone 5 cardio 1x week – Example: 4x 4-min at near-max effort (80-90% max heart rate) followed by 4 min at a recovery effort. This is very intense but for a short time.

To find your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220. Keep in mind that the more fit you are, the higher your max heart rate might be.

What are you thoughts? Are you doing this?

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