Why You’re Not Losing Weight – The Wine Edition

Sorry to be a kill joy…But if you’re not measuring wine, you’re likely over pouring.

The standard serving for wine is 5 ounces or 147 ml.

A single bottle should contain 5 glasses of wine.

Experts from the ‘Alcohol Rehab Guide’ say a the maximum amount of wine for women is 5 oz , no more than several times a week.

Although these guidelines have been revised.

The Canadian Center on Substance Use and Addiction state that no amount of alcohol is safe and recommends no more than two drinks a week for both men and women

Consider using a smaller glass so that a 5oz pour doesn’t look like mere drops.

At 7 calories per gram of alcohol, remember that alcohol is metabolized differently than proteins, carbs and fats.

Alcohol is given preferential treatment, this means your fat loss can basically be at a stand still until the alcohol is fully metabolized.

I’m not saying do NOT drink.

I’m saying be intentional with your choices.

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