5 Habits to Boost Menopause Health (Other than Weight Training)

Weight training is wildly beneficial, especially in midlife & beyond.

But, if for some reason you can’t weight train due to circumstances (like my hip replacement recovery) make sure to include these 5 habits:

Drink more water
-lubricates and cushions joints
-helps with elimination
-helps with blood pressure and body temperature regulation
-try electrolytes which can improve energy and performance

Walk more
-helps manage blood sugar
-reduces appetite and cravings
-improves mood
-reduces heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes

Get more sunshine
-early light exposure helps with sleep quality
-increases natural Vit D
-improves focus
-improves mood

Eat protein at every meal and snack
-helps maintain and build muscle
-regulates hunger
-keeps you fuller longer

Eat 25g of fiber daily
-reduces hot flashes by 20%
-keeps you fuller longer
-can lower cholesterol
-decreases risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes & breast cancer

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