How to Make Any Exercise Harder

Ladies, even in menopause you need to keep challenging yourself. Want to make an exercise harder without adding more weight?

Slow it down!

Especially when the muscle is lengthening, for example:

  • Lowering your body in the squat
  • Lowering yourself on the pull up
  • Lowering your legs on a knee raise
  • Lowering the weight on a DB curl

The added benefits are:

  • Increased strength gains
  • Less strain on the joints
  • Less weight or equipment is needed
  • More intensity with fewer reps

The most important thing to see results is that you’re increasing intensity in some way and eccentric training is a brilliant way to do so.

Keep in mind that eccentric training can cause some additional muscle soreness so go easy when you first try this technique, no matter what move you try & be prepared if you’re sore.

If you’re NOT sore, it doesn’t mean you had a bad workout – muscle soreness can be dependent on other factors like hydration, nutrition, rest etc.

Will you try this training technique?

If you’d like more ways to improve your health, especially during the challenging time of menopause! Let’s talk: