Do This to Lose Your Menopause Belly

What should you be doing to flatten your tummy or get rid of your muffin top?

You can do ANY ab move and as long as your diet isn’t dialed in, your muffin top will remain firmly in place.

Spot reduction isn’t possible.

However, these two exercises will help STRENGTHEN your core to reduce back pain and keep you functional to do all the things you love.

If you really want to burn belly fat, you need to do metabolically ‘expensive’ full body exercises like burpees (which will get you sweaty and will raise your internal temperature to burn more calories).

Check out this workout that includes the exercises in the video for a great at home fat burner:

Do 30 seconds of each exercise below:
• burpees
• side plank weak side
• side plank strong side
• jumping jack
• front plank
• jump rope (do 1 min of jumping rope)

Repeat this circuit 3 times for a total of 9 minutes of ab toning, calorie burning fun.

Want more support to lose your menopause belly? Workout with me and my team here: