Can You Pass This Test?

Are you physically aging too quickly?

This sit-to-rise test, developed in 1990, was supposed to be a predictor of longevity.

The goal of the test is to get on & off the floor without touching hands to the floor or any other support.

While the original study had some limitations, it’s still a good test to access your strength & mobility as you age.

A 2020 study showed that less than 8% of men & women aged > 55 years old were able to perform this without assistance of some sort.

Why should you care about this test?

Broken bones, especially broken hips, in the second half of life can have devastating consequences.

These often happen while doing everyday things like using stairs, tripping with something in your hand, slipping in the bathroom, etc.

Broken bones are a huge factor, particularly for women 65+ who more commonly suffer from osteoporosis.

A hip fracture for people over the age of 65 often results in a 20% or higher mortality rate within a year of the injury.

If this test is a challenge for you, it’s not too late to do something about it!

Resistance training 2-3x a week is a must.

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