Knee Friendly Butt Lifting Workout

Sore knees? You can still get a leg friendly, butt lifting workout without aggravating your knees.

Remember, You can’t spot reduce! But you can activate & strengthen your glutes & who doesn’t want a perky muscular bum?

Do 30 seconds of each exercise:

  • KB swings
  • Single leg RDL weak side
  • Single leg RDL strong strong side
  • Single leg glute bridge pulse weak side
  • Single leg glute bridge pulse strong side
  • Donkey kick weak side
  • Donkey kick strong side
  • Fire hydrant weak side
  • Fire hydrant strong side

*add a DB to glute bridges/donkey kicks or fire hydrants if you can maintain proper form

Notice how I recommend training the weak side first?

You’ll always have a weak/strong side, but you can lessen the gap by starting with the weak side first.

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Will you try this one?