Bodyweight Foot Stool Workout

Life is about to get busy(er)!

With the holidays around the corner, it’s good to have a few bodyweight ‘do anywhere’ workouts to lean on.

Don’t discount the value of short bodyweight workouts to maintain and even build lean muscle.

All you need is a foot stool, bench or sturdy chair for this.

After a short warm up, do 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds rest, repeat for 3 rounds:

  • incline (or decline) push up
  • alternate step up (or box jump)
  • split squat weak side
  • split squat strong side
  • superman hold
  • elevated plank (or inchworm walk out)

Cool down for a few minutes.

Remember to keep an ‘all or something’ over an ‘all or nothing’ attitude.

Workout consistency for the win!

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