Do This Micro-Movement to Improve Metabolism

This tiny movement packs a lotta punch, especially if you can’t workout due to work, travel or injury…

An exciting new study showed that those doing continuous seated calf raises experienced dramatic improvements in blood sugar regulation & metabolism.

This was noted in the study:

✔️52% less increase in blood glucose after a meal
✔️60% reduced levels of insulin
✔️large improvements in systemic metabolic regulation

The soleus (calf muscle) is only 1% of total musculature.It’s accustomed to being used continuously so it’s unlikely that you’ll feel tired doing these calf raises while seated.

So if you want to improve many health measures with little effort, start with these seated calf push ups!

NOTE: Calf push ups aren’t a substitute for exercise, but there are always times when exercise isn’t possible & this requires no equipment, takes little attention or energy.

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