How to Safely Increase the Weights You Lift

How do you increase the weight you lift when one DB is too heavy and the next one is too light?

Simple – it’s called ‘going down the rack’.

*And you don’t need an entire rack of DB’s to use this principle.

Use a heavier DB for 4-5 perfect form reps, then when your form starts to fail, put that weight down and pick up a lighter DB (without resting) to finish the set.

Over time, you’ll be able to do 6-7 perfect reps before dropping the weight and then you’ll be able to do the whole set with the heavier DB.

The key is to maintain PERFECT form to avoid risk of injury.

And, remember, lifting heavier weights will NOT make you big and bulky!

Lifting heavier weights will help you maintain and possibly grow lean muscle tone which will keep you lean and functional over time.

Happy lifting!

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