Park Pull Up Progression

If you want a strong back but don’t have any equipment, I’ve got you!

Go to your local park and use this pull up progression.

*Obviously it will take some time to build up the strength to the last step, but it’s possible to learn a pull up without ANY equipment.

Here you go:

  1. Start with an inverted row with bent legs. Focus on getting the body plank like and pull your chest to the bar.
  2. Move to a straight leg inverted row. This increases the difficulty, still keep your body as plank like as possible.
  3. Try a supported body weight hang, take some weight on your feet and build up to being able to take all your weight in your hands.
  4. Move to a body weight hang, work up to 30 seconds to a minute.
  5. Learn how to activate the back muscles with a supported scapular retraction. Draw your shoulders away from your ears by drawing your shoulder blades down your back. Do not bend your arms as you lift yourself towards the bar.
  6. Next try to do a scapular retraction while hanging.
  7. Try a jumping pull up, modify how much you use your legs over time.
  8. Next, jump up to the bar and control the descent from the bar – this is the ECCENTRIC contraction and actually the strengthening portion of the move.
  9. Finally, use any grip to do a pull up. Palms facing you is a bit easier (this is a chin up), but you might try a parallel or palms out grip depending on the bar available to you.

Being able to do a pull up or chin up is such an empowering strength move!

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