Decision Fatigue? [Solution]

Can’t decide?

You may have ‘decision fatigue’.

You have so many decisions to make each day, you run out of energy to make great choices regarding your health…

Simplify your nutrition by planning ahead:

1. Stock your fridge with easy go to protein options like rotisserie chicken, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese.
2. Cook extra at dinner for leftovers for lunch.
3. Alternate 2 breakfast options throughout the week.
4. Cut up veggies for grab ’n go.
5. Utilize bagged salads.
6. Plan dinners around protein, add a carb & one of the veggie options from above.

You often KNOW what to eat, but you don’t have your food planned in advance so you fall into bad habits when you’re tired.

Set yourself up for success with a little pre-planning & watch the results come.

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