Best Activity for Calorie Burning?

It’s probably not what you think!

It’s actually NEAT – non-exercise activity thermogenesis…

This is just a long way of describing the non-exercise trivial ways you move daily.

A recent study demonstrated that energy expenditure can be increased above resting levels by:

  • 5-10% when you’re sitting
  • 10-20% when you’re standing
  • 100-200% when you’re walking


Think about this in terms of calorie burning opportunities…

Your workout may take 30 min to an hour daily…

But NEAT takes up ALL your waking hours.

So stay as active as you can daily.

For example, work to increase your daily step count – any increase from previous steps is a good start!

And let me support with nutrition because another study showed that movement alone isn’t sufficient to hit your weight loss goals.


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