My (2nd) Umbilical Hernia Surgery Experience…

Umbilical hernia surgery glam shots!

No, this isn’t one of the more flattering moments of my life, but I’m happy to share with the hope that if you have questions, I can help.

Let’s get to the ‘pro tip’ that will help you no matter what medical issue you’re dealing with…

Pro tip: Speak up for yourself – your health care providers are usually more than reasonable.The answer is always NO unless you ask for something you want or need. You need to be an advocate for your own health so do your best to get as informed as you can, speak up and ask questions,

Now a little about my story…

This umbilical hernia probably developed during pregnancy & over years of lifting.

I had NO pain, I was just horrified by a bump in my abs (that would only grow & possibly get painful) & my vanity would not stand for that.

This was the second repair, it was originally thought to be a lipoma so the surgeon did the best he could to switch gears & fix a hernia instead of the lipoma.

This time, I was supposed to get a general anesthetic but knew I’d feel like dog poo if I did so I spoke to the anesthesiologist & requested a spinal or local anesthetic.

He was fabulous! He was happy to provide a local & so I felt great afterward.

Now I’ll be implementing anti-inflammatory eating strategies while I heal up since my exercise needs to be limited for 4-6 weeks.

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Hope this helps! Who’s had a glamorous procedure like umbilical hernia surgery?