Do You Have Strong Abs?

One way to tell is if you can hold a perfect plank for 2 minutes straight.

Here are some tips:

When you do a plank, squeeze your abs as if you were preparing for someone to punch you in the stomach. Then squeeze your glutes, quads, and pull your elbows towards your ribs. This is called a ‘hard style plank’.

When you do a side plank, touch your abs with your free hand. Touching your working muscles makes those muscles work harder. (You can use this trick for any exercise, including lunges, arm exercises, rows, and presses.).

Planks, side planks, and bird dogs are three exercises that you can do in every workout. These are endurance exercises that won’t make you sore and they’ll strengthen your core and protect your back.

Keep in mind that you can’t spot reduce!

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Having strong abs is a good start, but modifying nutrition will help the most.

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