Menopause is the New Cash Cow

Do you feel taken advantage of?

You probably should.

If you’re a women in menopause, struggling to overcome menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, irritability and weight gain – you fall prey to slick marketing campaigns designed to magically ‘cure’ you of your symptoms…

Menopause can’t be ‘cured’ anymore than puberty can be ‘cured’ for your teenager. It’s just a stage of life we need to ‘manage’.

As if there isn’t enough mis-information out there, marketers play on menopausal women’s insecurities to sell their snake oil.

Don’t be fooled.

Menopause can’t be ‘fixed’, but you CAN manage symptoms by addressing lifestyle habits including exercise, nutrition, adequate sleep and stress reduction.

If you need some accountability & support, I’m here for you, let’s talk: