How to Lose Weight Without Eating Less

Want to lose weight without eating less?

Do you have 15 minutes?

Be honest, how much time do you spend on social media or Netflix?

If you devoted those 15 min to a daily walk, you can do an additional 1500 steps daily.

This could make the difference between being in a calorie deficit or calorie surplus.

If weight loss is your goal, I’d much rather move more than eat less!

And don’t worry about hitting a crazy step goal, just increase steps from yesterday.

It’s the small things done consistently that make the difference with your health.

Here are just a few benefits of walking:

Improved cognition & memory
Increased life span
Improved heart health
More creativity
Stronger neural (brain) performance
Improved weight management

This says nothing for the extra sunshine & Vitamin D you’ll benefit from.

So lace up your shoes & get walking.

How many steps do you do daily?