How Much Water Do You Need?

How much water do you need?

Divide your body weight in pounds by 2, this is how many ounces you can shoot for daily.

ALL liquids (except alcohol) can be added into this count.

Coffee (or caffeinated drinks) can have a diuretic effect because caffeine is a smooth muscle relaxant.

So if you take in lots of caffeine, you may not want to include those drinks in your water intake count.

Do you always forget how much you’ve drunk in a day?

Here’s a handy way to keep track of how much water you drink daily…

Measure the size of your water bottle.

Multiply that by the your water goal.

Add an elastic for each bottle you need.

Every time you finish a bottle, roll that elastic to the bottom of the bottle.

For example, I’m 120lbs, my goal is 60 oz, my bottle is 20oz, so I want to drink 3 full water bottles before 8pm.


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