Looking for Love?

If you want to find love, you need to love yourself first.

Be the BEST version of YOU.

Live the qualities that you want your partner to have.

And be patient – your person is out there.

As for me, I was single for 10 years.

I worked on myself, I grew my business, I raised my kids.

You don’t need to wait this long, but this is how it happened for me.

I made a list of the qualities of the man I was looking for and I tried to BE these things.

I went on Match.

I had lots of coffee dates.

I didn’t settle.

I met Alan.

Finding love will always be easier when you’re confident and clear about who YOU are. I’m no dating expert, but I can definitely help you look and feel your best.

If you need some help being the best version of you, I can help.

Let’s discuss how you can feel good in your own skin: https://tinyurl.com/chatwithShawna