Over 50? 5 Tips to Lose Weight

Weight loss for the 50+ crowd IS possible.

BUT it takes time, patience and consistency.

Age related knowledge and accountability are keys to success.

What we did in our 20’s doesn’t work anymore so keep these things in mind:

1. There are NO quick fixes – Weight loss is meant to be a slow process and if you can’t sustain your ‘quick fix’ weight loss plan, you won’t sustain the results.

2. Muscle is your friend – Muscle keeps your metabolism stoked and keeps you functional, so do what you can to keep and build more muscle.

3. You can’t control some hormones (estrogen/progesterone) but you CAN control others – Managing insulin and cortisol levels can make a HUGE difference in your weight loss experience and these hormones can be managed through diet, exercise, stress reduction and sleep.

4. Keep moving – Workouts are great for re-compositioning your body (adding muscle, reducing fat),  but things like walking are great for overall calorie burning.

5. Don’t go it alone – Having someone in your corner to provide information and ACCOUNTABILITY can be the difference between success and failure.

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