Eat This, Avoid That After You Workout

Regular workouts should be your TOP priority, but after that, a post workout shake can help boost results.

For this ONE meal, you want something that digests FAST.

Avoid fats & fiber because they slow down digestion.

Quick digesting protein (like whey) is a good choice, along with an equal amount of carbs.

The carbs illicit an insulin response which increases cell permeability so all the good stuff including amino acids get delivered & used for recovery.

It’s as easy as this:
-scoop whey protein powder (20-30g protein)
-1/2 banana (15-20g carbs)
-cup 1% milk, almond milk, oat milk (1-8g protein)
-ice cubes

What do YOU eat after training?

Need more direction on what to eat at other meals? Let’s talk: