Something’s Fishy: Menopause & Fish Oil

Take a look at just 7 ways menopausal women can benefit from taking fish oil.

It doesn’t really matter when you get your omega 3’s or if it’s through food sources or supplement.

I take my fish oil supplement at night because on occasion I’ll have a fishy burp if I take in the day. AND, it helps reduce a cortisol bump early in the morning (do you have that 3am wake up too?) so I sleep better.

There’s really no downside to taking Omega 3.

Please share this info with others because it’s such a simple way to increase your health in so many ways.

*I also want to point out that I RARELY make reference to specific brands to purchase. I feel like there always could be an alternate motive when someone waxes on about the merits of a product & then provides a link for purchase of said product!

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