Beginner Pull Up Tips

Want to do a pull up?

It’s a worthy and DOABLE goal, even for those late to the game.

Side note: I learned how to do all kinds of skills like kipping pull ups, muscle ups, toes to bar, handstand push ups & handstand walking well into my 50’s.

If I can learn, so can you!

Here’s a progression to get your first pull up:

1. Start with a supported hang from the bar – work up to 30 seconds. This isn’t as easy as you may think, so try the support version first.
2. Next, try a dead hang with no support. Again, work up to 30 seconds.
3. Learn to recruit your back muscles by doing a scapular retraction. This is moving your chest closer to the bar without bending your arms. This engages your back muscles. Work up to 10 reps.
4. Now grab a band & do a jumping banded pull up. Work up to 5 reps.
5. Go to a banded pull up with no jump. Work up to 5 reps.
6. Finally, work on an ‘eccentric’ pull up. This is when you control the descent – this is the strengthening phase of the movement. Work up to a 4 second descent for 5 reps.

Once you’re able to do these things with a wide band, go thru the same progression (you can likely skip steps 1 & 2) with a narrower band. `
Are you going to try this?