Can’t Squat?

“But I can’t squat!”

EVERYONE who wants to toilet themselves can squat.

So unless you want bathroom assistance over time, it’s wise to strengthen those quads now because if you don’t use your muscles, you’ll lose them.

You can simply start with a wall sit for 30 sec to a minute.

Work into 90º depth.

Next, you would squat to a high box. Control the descent (this is the strengthening portion of the movement).

Over time, lower the box to 90º.

Eventually, you can work into a free standing body weight squat, from there you could add resistance like a dumb bell or KB.

After hip replacement surgery, I’m humbled to be re-learning how to squat myself.

I have a lot higher goals than to just be able to use the toilet myself over time, but you have to start somewhere!

Are you struggling with knee or hip issues that make squatting difficult? Need more tips to progress?

Happy to help, let’s talk: