Hip Replacement Recovery Update – 4 Weeks Post Op

Facing hip replacement?  I’m documenting my experience to help you know what to expect.

I had the anterior approach surgery which meant no muscles were cut so recovery is faster.

At 4 weeks post op:

No pain meds.

ROM – I’m working on range of motion & can get to a 90° squat but my hip is super tight.

Walking 3-5K per day.

Strength training – Training upper body but everything is strict &/or seated with no lower body assistance.

I’m starting to row with leg drive.

I can swim.

Weight – I’m basically the same weight but body composition has shifted slightly towards more fat.

Nutrition – Calories are about 2100/day (150p/220c/60f)

I’m astonished at the speed of recovery. Although it feels never fast enough, considering I have a whole new hip joint, it’s lightening speed fast.

I’m excited to progress & get back to ALL the things I love.

Happy to answer any questions you might have if you’re facing hip replacement surgery.